Do you still have questions about Atlantis and how the entire story of its existence unfolded. Then here are a few frequently asked questions that we have put together which will help you get all the answers required. You can even try and get in touch with us if you have some more questions or facts about the same.

Atlantis is a island that has been believed to be destroyed over the course of time. It was known for its grand architecture and immensely advanced civilization which made it one of the most powerful kingdoms of all times. However it is believed to be a completely mythical story.
One might think how can the most powerful kingdom disappear overnight. But it was deemed as god's punishment to overcome the evil that had thrived on the island for many years. According to tails, Atlantis was drowned as the effect of a great flood that buried the entire structure under the sea.
Till date nobody actually knows what the exact location of Atlantis is. However, there are various speculations that give us an idea of where the island could actually be. Because it was buried under the sea it has become all the more difficult to verify if those speculations are anywhere near the truth.
The first reference to the island of Atlantis can be found in Plato’s dialogues. However, it was not until 1882 that an American congressmen wrote a book about the same and encouraged people to believe in this mythical tale.
Different speculations give us different timeline about the existence of Atlantis. However the most common is between 9000 to 12000 years back. It is believe that the island existed around the time of 9600 BC in the region of ancient Greece.
Atlantis was part of one of the most advanced and earliest civilization. That is why it was the one which influenced other culture rather than the opposite way around. Although it did have a great effects on Greek, Hindu, and Scandinavian mythology.
Yes, ever since Atlantis has become the topic of discussion worldwide there have been researchers continuously trying to find its exact location and some effects reminiscence. There have been times when these historians thought they have actually found parts of the mythical island underwater.
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