Fun Facts About Atlantis

Like every other mythical tail, Atlantis to has a lot of fun facts about itself. They might not always be as fun as you might think. But they are surely unknown ones which will increase your knowledge about the island of Atlantis. So below are the fun facts about Atlantis that you need to look out for:-


It sank suddenly into the Atlantic ocean

It is believed that as the mythical island of Atlantis advanced in civilization over the years and with that the cruelty on the land also increased. That is why the gods decided of a punishment which would completely destroy the island. It was considered to be a divine punishment that ended the existence of evil on earth.

Bermuda Triangl

Was destroyed by the Bermuda Triangle

Another fun fact about Atlantis is that it is believed to have been destroyed by the Bermuda Triangle. A writer by the name of Charles Berlitz published a book on the existence of the island. One of his theories was that the Atlantis was actually swallowed by the notorious region of Bermuda Triangle which has already been accused of making hundreds of ships and aircraft disappear under unnatural circumstances.


That it was actually Antarctica

A rather interesting theory that has been floating around regarding the island of Atlantis is that it is actually still existent in the form of Antarctica. According to Charles Hapgood’s book “Earth's Shifting Crust” it is believed that Atlantis drifted away with time and formed a larger continent. All this happened around 12000 years back. The sudden shift in the location of Atlantis was the reason why the civilization was destroyed and buried under the sea.

Black Sea

Related to the Black Sea floor

When it comes to the existence of Atlantis there is no lack of theories. One such was that the story of Atlantis was fictional. However it's destruction was based on an actual event known as the flooding of Black Sea. The original Black Sea was half of its actual size and it is believed that it was made entirely of freshwater. That is why there were hundreds of civilizations along its coastline which got destroyed during the flood.

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