History Of Atlantis

The history of this mythical island can be traced all the way back to the 9600 BC. The first ever mention that the island received was in Plato’s dialogue of Timaeus and Critias. According to Plato, Atlantis was a part of ancient Greek and was one of the most powerful kingdoms of its time. In around 9600 BC, the kingdom was believed to have been submerged in the ocean overnight due to heavy rainfall and tsunamis. Till date people of Greece are divided into two groups. One which believes in the existence of Atlantis and the other who think Plato’s dialogue was only a fiction.

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The tale suggest that Atlantis was located beyond the pillars of Hercules and was an island which was larger than Libya and minor Asia combined. Its culture was one of the most advanced and was similar to Plato's Republic. The island of Atlantis was protected by Poseidon who was considered to be a god. Atlantis was named after Poseidon's son Atlas, who later became the king of the island and was the individual after whom the Atlantic ocean was named. The kingdom was also believed to have conquered major parts of Africa, Egypt, Europe, and Tyrrhenia.

The origin of the story for Plato was when his grandfather told it to him after hearing it from a Athenian Statesman. The Statesman told Plato’s grandfather that he had heard it from an Egyptian Priest. Who told the statesman that the massive sunking took place almost 9000 years before his time. On hearing it for the first time Plato thought it was made up to give him an insight into what an ideal society would be like. However as the time passed he to believed in the existence of Atlantis himself. Plato’s tale is said to have had a controversial effect between his followers and non-believers.

The frenzy about findings real Atlantis start back in 1882. This happened when a former American congressmen L.Donnelly published a book called “Atlantis-The Antediluvian World”. It torched the interest of many people around the world who decided to dedicate their time in finding out more about the reality behind this mythical land. According to Donnelly, the Atlantis civilization was highly advanced and its immigrants populated various parts of ancient Africa, Europe and America. He even elaborated on the fact that the heroes from Atlantis inspired the Hindu, Scandinavian, and Greek mythology.

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